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Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Are you confused about Medicare Prescription Drug Plans? Need some help? I can assist you in navigating the many choices in these plans.

To avoid the Part D Late Enrollment Penalty you must have creditable drug coverage within 60 days of becoming eligible.  Many Medicare Advantage Plans include Part D Prescription Drug coverage, however Medicare Supplement Plans do not.

Remember that all Prescription Drug plans are not the same, this includes the prescription drug coverage included with a Medicare Advantage plan.  Each Prescription Drug Plan has their own Formulary (that is a list of drugs they cover).  Each plan also tiers, usually 1-5 (some companies have 6 tiers).  Just because a drug is Tier 2 with one plan, does not mean it is Tier 2 in another.

Premium, copays and coinsurance, deductibles, pharmacy network and prior authorization requirements are all things that can vary from plan to plan.

As an independent agent, I use the tools provided by Medicare to assist you in selecting which prescription drug plan will work best for  you.  But remember that with a drug plan, a formulary can change each year, or even mid-year.

I review plans with my customers on an annual basis to insure that the prescriptions you require will be covered in the most economical manner.

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