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Medicare Supplements are not required when you enroll in Original Medicare. However, for some, the extra coverage might be necessary. Here’s how to know if a Medicare Supplement plan is right for you.

Reasons you might consider a Medicare Supplement Plan


Suppose you are in a low-income household and cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs left behind by Medicare. In that case, a Medicare Supplement plan may be worth looking into. Generally, Original Medicare will cover around 80% of your healthcare services, leaving the other 20% as your responsibility. This 20% can include deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments, which may not seem like much to some. However, in a low-income household, these costs can cause substantial financial burdens if they continue to increase. 

For many, Part A is premium-free, but Part B always has a premium. As of 2020, the Part B monthly premium is $144.60, but keep in mind these costs change every year. 

Between the monthly premium and out-of-pocket costs, extra coverage may be necessary.

Serious Health Conditions

If you have serious health conditions that require you to receive extensive healthcare services, out-of-pocket costs can add up very quickly if you don’t have an adequate amount of coverage. This is where a Medicare Supplement plan can come in handy. Instead of worrying about how you will pay these out-of-pocket costs, your primary focus should be on your health. A Medicare Supplement will take care of most, if not all, of the costs for you.

Extensive Travel

If you frequently travel outside of the U.S., it’s important to note that Original Medicare alone does not offer coverage for healthcare services received outside of the country. However, several Medicare Supplement plans do. Plan C, Plan D, Plan F, Plan G, Plan M, and Plan N all cover up to 80% of emergency medical costs outside of the U.S.

However, Plans C and F are no longer available to individuals who were not eligible for Medicare before January 1, 2020.

Which plan is right for you?

There are ten supplement plans to choose from, along with two high-deductible options. Each plan covers a specific portion of these out-of-pocket costs, providing you with financial relief. To determine which Medicare Supplement plan is right for you, give Joseph Cioffi Insurance a call today. I can help you find a plan based on your coverage needs.